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Since 1989, our family-owned and operated preserve has been dedicated to providing high-quality, fairly priced solutions to all your bird hunting needs. Buckeye Pheasant Hunting Preserve is proud to be an official dealer of Southside Outdoor Wear. All clothing and hunting accessories are made of dependable materials to ensure they serve you well on your hunts. Read through our item list below to see what we currently offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Item 519: Game Bag | Camo $22 | Brown or Orange / Waterproof $19
An optional game bag to fit all our coats except #511, #514, and #522. Available in Blaze Orange or Brown. Waterproof lined.

Item #520 :Squirrel and Dove vest (Front loader) $54
Unlined. The latest in hunting vests, this has front zipper, 2 large slash pockets, 2 cargo pockets with shell loop, padded velvet shoulder pads, license loops, and has a built-in game bag for front loading just like our #514 coat. Great for those summer mornings in the woods. Available in all Brown or Orange on Brown. Now in stock-all orange for deer hunters!

Item #521: ¾ Length Camo Fleece-Lined Hooded Jacket $66
The latest in our fine line of hooded jackets. This is a new design only from south side Outdoor Wear. This jacket comes with a hood and has a comfy Camo Fleece Lining. This Camo Fleece is True Timber Camo. This is one of the most comfortable jackets we have ever designed. It has a form-fitted waist and zipper in front. Come with dees for our optional game bag. The newest feature is the large, flapped cargo pockets with hand warmer compartments behind the pockets. We expect this one to be one of our top sellers. Our lightest fleece lined jacket! Very popular!

Item #522: 3M ThinsulateTM! Hooded Insulated Jacket $69
Another Exclusive from southside! This is the latest style in insulated jackets on the market today. 3M ThinsulateTM! A good looking jacket. Lining is black C100 Thinsulate. Has all the features a jacket needs to stay warm in all kind of cold weather and is still lightweight. Thinsulate is the original warmth without the bulk. Comes with front zipper, 2 small hand-warmer slash pockets, drawstring hood knitted stretch cuffs and waistband in black. This will keep the wind out on the windiest and coldest days. A super light cold weather jacket. A Southside design. One of the best weather beaters on the market for the money.
Item #530: Camo Deluxe All Mesh Vest $65
One of the most complete vests ever designed. Has waterbottle pouch, G3 pouch, Garmin Pouch (fits Astro 220, 320 and the new Alpha), cell phone pocket and large cargo pocket with zipper on top for all your goodies. Has light belt and dees for game bag. We can also replace the light belt with another big cargo pocket if you need 2 large pockets on the vest. The most complete vest ever designed. Now comes with True Timber Brown Pockets. Orange pockets are not a stock item but available. We stock the #530’s with the camo pockets at all times.
Item#511 with Hood: All Camo with Hood $60
These hooded #511’s are now available with all camo. These come with black fleece lining and the rest of the features are the same as the regular #511. We stock these in the Conceal Brown camo. There are a number of True Timber Camo patterns available that these jackets can be made from. If interested, let us know and we will send you a sample of camo. We have a largest selection of patterns available.

Item#511: ¾ length jacket – Polar fleece lined $58
Good enough to hunt with. This jacket comes with fleece lining, Form fitted waist, 2 small slash, 2 flapped chest pockets, a 4” collar and separating zipper up front. More popular every year! These hooded jackets are a great hit at hunts! Now with dees for game bag!
Also available with drawstring hood!

Item #512: A full length insulated coat-now with 3M ThinsulateTM lining! $69
A full length, all-purpose hunting coat with our Thinsulate lining. It has all the same features as our #516 coat. This is one of the warmest wind-breaking coats on the market today. With our #389 bib this is the supreme outfit for beating the cold.

Item #513: ¾ Length Camo/Brown Jacket $67
This is a sharp jacket, nice enough for the ball game and tough enough for the hunt. Come with our True Timber Conceal Brown Camo on the back and pockets. The rest of the jacket is all brown, with dees for Camo or Brown game bag. Comes with black fleece lining and snaps on collar for hood. These make great jackets to embroider your kennel or that famous winning hound!

DISCONTINUED --Item #514: Front loader small game coat – Polar fleece lined $79
This coat has everything the small game hunter has been looking for. The latest in style and design on the market today, this luxury coat has a built-in game bag and is designed to load game in front and it will slide to game bag in back. 7” collar and zipper in front with fleece lined interior. Also 2 large slash pockets and 2 cargo pockets with shell loop and padded shoulder pads. Not available in small. Available in brown or orange on brown.

Item #516:Full length hunting coat – Polar fleece lined $65
An all purpose full length, fleece lined hunting coat. Great for any use for hunting or work. Has 2 large slash pockets, 2 large cargo pockets with shell loop, 2 flapped chest pockets, license loops and dees. 7” collar and snap closure.

Item #517: Full length waterproof hunting coat $67
One of our more popular coats, this coat has waterproof lining and 14” side zippers for ventilation and light belt adjusting. Has all the same features as our #516, but with waterproof lining.

Item #518: Hood $9
A fleece-lined or waterproof hood to fit all our collared coats and jackets. Please specify style when ordering

Item #535: Vest $$80
Vest is made from a black lightweight durable mesh. Our vest features two front mesh pouches to carry live birds in. These pockets are large enough to carry multiples of any birds. The pockets secure at the top with velcro, so birds can not escape. There are 10 shell holders sewn on the right chest of the vest, and 2 water bottle holders on the side. With multiple bottles it is great to carry one for you and one for the dog. The left side chest has pocket large enough to carry a controller, phone, or paper in. This vest also has the ability to carry the #519 game bag for dead birds. Bag attaches to the vest with a set of 4 easy on clips.


Kids’ Bib Sizes 
M-16 • M-18 • L-18 • L-20 • XL-20 • XL22
Item #222: Kids’ Hunting Coat $48
Our #516 design, but with smaller collar and our new Comfy Camo fleece lining and no side zippers, has snaps on collar for optional hood, dees for optional game bag, 2 chest pockets, 2 cargo pockets with shell loop inside. Sizes M-L-XL

Item #223: Optional hood for #222/228 $7

Item #224: Optional gamebag for #222 $10
These have no zippers on sides. Available in Orange or Brown.

Item #225: Kids’ Chaps $22
Same features as our #995 but in kids’ sizes. M-18,20,22,24, and L-18, 20, 22, 24

Item #228: Camo/Brown Kids’ Jacket $55
Thinsulate lined kids’ jacket with True Timber Conceal Brown back and pockets. The rest is brown. Comes with collar and snaps for hood. Has our 522 design. Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Item #229: Brown/Camo Kids’ Waterproof Bib $55
Has Conceal Brown Camo fronts and pockets. The rest is brown with our waterproof lining on inside to waist. This will keep your kids dry and comfy when playing in the wet and snow.

Item #221: Regular Brown Kids’ Waterproof Bib $48
Has all the features of our #229, but available in all Brown instead of Camo. Not in stock-available for orders only


We manufacture dog box pads of all sizes. These come with 2” high density foam and have a YYK brass zipper on side for foam removal and wash covers, if necessary. We have 2 different styles available with 1,000 Denier CorduraTM covers or the 600denier covers. If dealers have foam available we can ship covers only. All prices are plus shipping. We prefer to have these picked up at the shop or we can deliver to autumn oaks or Southeastern Treeing Walker Days and the grand American in Orangeburg, SC. We can make any sizes you need. We keep 4 standard sizes in stock. Prices on dog pads are subject to change because of volatile foam market.

Pads with Cordura Covers are available on request.

600 Denier covers with Camo Strips
M – 17½ x 41½
L – 21½ x 41½

600 Denier Covers with Camo Strips
M – Owens
18½ x 44
L – Owens
23½ x 44

We now have sizes for the Owens Boxes in stock also.


Item #525: Supreme Safety Jacket
This jacket is made from 420 Denier Nylon in fluorescent lime color. These are not cheap imports made from flimsy material but high quality garments made in USA by Southside Outdoor Wear. The reflective tape we sew on these jackets is called Super Brite. Has #522 and #511 style together. Has 3M ThinsulateTM Lining and also a waterproof lining to keep dry on those cold wet days. This is one of the best weather beaters in safety jackets on the market today. Has reflective tape around waist twice and over shoulders on each side and 2 times around sleeves. NOTE: We make no claims on the safety of these garments.

Garmin Case : Heavy Duty Cases for Garmin Astro #220 and #320
These come with snap on back above belt loop. Flap comes with heavy duty clip buckle and Velcro. Maximum protection for your Garmin. Now available in Fluorescent Orange or Assorted Camo

Deluxe Pouch
These pouches come with zipper on top. Has one big pocket in back and two smaller pockets on front with flaps. Has loop on back for belt. Big pocket in back has waterproof lining to protect your scorecard and valuables. The latest in our fine line of pouches. These come with Assorted Camo Pattern and colors.

New! Water Bottle Pouch: Water bottle carrying case
Fits 20 oz. water or pop bottle with belt loop. Available in Camo or Fluorescent Orange


Dealers! If you need chaps, we offer anything from kids’ chaps to the adult sizes in a variety of styles and sizes. Special order only, our zippered chaps are available in separating side zippers. We use the finest DuPont CorduraTM available, to make our heavy styles. We offer lightweight styles for all-purpose use and heavy duty ones to go through the heaviest brush. So, in short, we have made it possible for dealers to fill all their customers’ needs. As always, buy direct at the low, no middle man price. 24” standard zipper-Also available with separating side zipper.
Item #951: Standard Slip-on Chap 
Standard slip-on chap made of 420 Denier Nylon. (Unlined)

Item#952: 400 Denier Zippered Chap
Comes with 24” side zippers. 420 Denier nylon. (Unlined) A verypopular summer chap.

Item#955: Waterproof 420 Zippered Chap $32
A lightweight 420 zippered chap. One of our most popular chaps for all-purpose use around the farm, hunting, at work, etc. Has 24” side zippers for easy on/off and also solves the hot problem. Truly the one and only chap on the market today! The most popular chap at the hunts.

Item #1012: Du Pont CorduraTM $30
Same as #952 but 1,000 Denier Cordura (Unlined)

Item #1014: High-N-Dry Waterproof Brushbusters
Du Pont CorduraTM $37
Constructed from the finest 1,000 Denier Cordura available, these are the same design as our #955 chap. Waterproof with 24” side zippers. These are very popular with rabbit and bird hunters; also great for coon hunters. Our dealers tell us this is the one they keep asking for. Nobody else on the market offers a chap like this. Buy this one-of-a-kind chap directly from us at the no-middleman price.

Item #1015: Briar–Proof Waterproof Brush busters $37
Made from tough 600 Denier True Timber Conceal Brown Camo. If you hunters want some style while busting through those briars these are the chaps you are looking for. Have our high-tech waterproof lining and 24” zippers on side for easy on and off. This is the one and only chap of its kind on the market today.


Standard Bib size: waist 34” – 50”, length 26” – 32”
All our bibs have 24” side zippers on legs.
ALL our bibs come with large, flapped chest pockets.
ALL sizes are the SAME price.
Note: We can make BIG Boy sizes in any of our bibs by special order
Item #833: Super High-N-Dry Brushbusters-DuPont CorduraTM $75
The last word in briar-proof, waterproof bibs on the market. Our dealers tell us this is the bib their customers keep asking for. This is the toughest, driest bib on the market. A great favourite with rabbit and bird hunters. Has 1,000 Denier Cordura on front and Cordura wraps around ankles on back of legs and has our high tech waterproof lining on inside up to waist. 2 regular inside pockets, 2 hip pocket and large flapped chest pocket. One of the greatest sellers! More sold to hunters each year!

NEW! Item #837 : High-N-Dry bibs with Conceal Brown Camo $75
These popular Camo bibs have got a new look. These are now made with our new Conceal Brown Camo on fronts and wraps around ankles on back. The rest of the bib is brown. Has all the features of our #833 bibs. This is the latest in our fine style waterproof bibs.

Item #831: Lightweight 420 Bib $62
These 420 Denier bibs have double facing on fronts to resist briars and barbwire. (Unlined) Extremely light and still tough. Great for those dry warm days and nights. These fit the budget! 2 inside pockets, 1 top pocket, 2 hip pockets. Super summer bib!

Item #835: High-N-Dry bibs $67
A lightweight 420 Denier bib with our high tech waterproof lining up to waist. A great combination with the #517 coat. Has 2 inside pockets, 1 top pocket and 2 hip pockets. A very popular all-purpose bib. One of our best sellers at the hunts.

Item#839: Thinsulate lined bib $76
These bibs have the same features as our #835 bib but with 3M ThinsulateTM lining from top to bottom making these the best cold weather beaters on the market today!

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