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Dogs / Available Pups

All Past and Present Dogs

This page is dedicated to all of the important dogs around the preserve. May it be the new puppies looking for homes, to the current guide dogs, or the dogs that are now a memory. 

Available Litters 
Here at Buckeye Hunting preserve we rely so heavily on the abilities and qualities of our dogs. In the off season some of our best dogs are breed so we have a supply of new pups to train and utilize on the preserve. 

Not all of the litters are listed or advertised. If you are interested in a puppy from any of our dogs it is best to call the office and ask if there are any available, or if there is a planned future breeding. We are happy to add anyone to our waiting lists. 

As well, with so many members and hunters passing through our grounds and office we are happy to pass along information on dogs and puppies available from other hunters. If we do not have what you are looking for we may know of someone who does. 

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